Gin Menu

Single Double
Beefeater London Dry 5.5 7
Bold juniper & vibrant citrus, served with Indian tonic make this a delicious house GnT
Brighton Gin 6.5 8
Orange & lime flavours mix with local South Downs milk thistle for a creamy finish. goes great with an Indian tonic
Tanqueray 6 7.5
Coriander & liquorice mix superbly with the citrus flavours. try with a simple tonic
Beefeater Pink 5.5 7
For the fruit lovers; citrus & berry form a sweet twist when mixed with Indian tonic
Monkey 47 6.5 8
A woody, grassy profile with herbal undertones but a sweet citrus finish. best with a classic Indian tonic
Coriander & cardamom produce a creamy body with a slight sweetness to finish. pairs well with an Indian tonic 6 8
Martin Millers 6.5 8
Citrus, coriander & cinnamon, complete with a peppery end; mix with a Mediterranean tonic
Agnes Arbur 6.5 8
Warm spices, with grapefruit, sweet citrus & liquorice notes all complemented with a Mediterranean tonic for the more adventurous out there
Beefeater 24 6.5 8
Japanese teas infused with juniper & grapefruit, with all botanicals rested for only 24 hours, giving a punchy full flavoured gin. a simple tonic works well
Bombay Sapphire 6 7.5
Floral earthiness & fresh citrus finish pair brilliantly with an Indian tonic
Sipsmith 6.5 8
European herbs combined with Spanish citrus & nutty undertones. Indian tonic & lime is a must
Hendricks 6 7.5
Infused with cucumber & rose petal delivering that refreshing taste of outdoors
Harley House Pure Gin 6.5 8
A smooth local distillation with juniper & citrus; made from only Sussex ingredients & Mediterranean tonic & orange slice finishes this beautifully
Mayfield Sussex 6.5 8
Zesty citrus, pine & spiced-juniper combine to make another lovely Sussex gin. served with an Indian tonic